tous les produits d'exportation servo moteur smart plasma gantry cnc machine de découpe

tous les produits d'exportation servo moteur smart plasma gantry cnc machine de découpe

Description du produit

CNC series of gantry type drilling and cutting machine is a newly developed product by ACCURL. It combines the advantage of drilling and cutting together. Due to the CNC plasma and flame cutting machine does not perform well in cutting holes in small dimension, especially in situation the diameter of the hole is smaller than plate thickness. In such case, we introduce a CNC drilling unit to finish the holes instead of the plasma or flame cutting. Plasma marking and zinc powder marking are available on the machine as well to mark the cutting path, drilling position and welding path before practical application. CNC drilling and cutting machine is very practical, economic and efficient in metal sheet processing, especially for the required parts with small holes.

1. Easy and quick operation

Pioneering field adjustable cutting torch height control, over the cutting torch raised control body design has all the necessary movement and control keys, to mobile operators in the cutting torch counterpoint is very convenient. Humanized design, more efficient operation.

2. Professional design, beautiful and atmosphere, more durable

All keys, all adopt the top design of crystal buttons, relative to other enterprises film button, button always ensure that clear bright, never wear. At the same time, the host body all adopt the technique of the lacquer that bake, colour is beautiful and durable.

3. Simple and straightforward way of graphics programming

Complex graphics CAD design is used in the office, the U disk into the cutting machine, simple graphics can also be on the cutting machine using a very simple and straightforward way programming input directly, such as "straight line, the fourth quadrant, X40, Y30". This way of programming, ordinary operators are very easy to learn.

4. A fool type operating mode

Screen below a reminder of various operating methods, the operator can do not need training, does not need to look at the instructions.

♦ Drilling and cutting the work piece automatically after programming, dispense further positioning the holes on work piece, high precision on drilling finish.

♦ Gapless gearing transmit, stable and smooth running in high speed, smart, fine surface finish quality.

♦ Integrated auto-ignition with automatic height controller, keep the height between the ACCURLand work piece, achieve the best cutting quality.

♦ Able to process multi-torch mirror image cutting or synchronism cutting, improve cutting efficiency.

♦ Low use cost, dispense with special maintenance, friendly operator inteface, easy to learn.

♦ Utility CNC system, reliable and safe, automatic programming, optimization nestling and piercing patch, save the steel effectively.

Détails rapides

Condition: Nouveau
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Model Number: cnc
Voltage: 50hz 220v\380
Puissance nominale: 8.5kw
Dimension (L * W * H): 5.2m * 1.5m * 1.4m
Poids: 1200kg
Certification: CE ISO
Garantie 1 année
Service après-vente fourni: Ingénieurs disponibles pour entretenir des machines à l'étranger
Machine dimension (mm): Maximum 12 meter in width and not limited in length
Épaisseur de coupe suggérée (mm): Acier inoxydable: 1-50mm et Acier au carbone: 6-160mm
Capacité de perçage (mm): maximum 140 mm de profondeur et 35 mm de diamètre
Puissance de forage: 8Kw (25hp) 1Kw = 1.36PS = 1.34HP
Alimentation de forage: 10m / min (400ipm)
Couple de forage: 200 NM (150 ft-lb)
Borehole pressure: 11000 N (2500 lbf)
Cutting Speed (mm/min): 50-9000
Running speed (mm/min): 12000

Spécifications techniques
Dimension de la machine (mm)Maximum 12 mètres de largeur et non limitée en longueur
Surface de traitement efficace (mm)1 mètre de moins et 2 mètres de moins que la taille de la machine
Épaisseur de coupe suggérée (mm)Acier inoxydable: 1-50mm et acier au carbone: 6-160mm
Capacité de perçage (mm)Maximum 140 mm de profondeur et 35 mm de diamètre
Puissance de forage8Kw (25hp) 1Kw = 1.36PS = 1.34HP
Flux de forage10m / min (400ipm)
Couple de perçage200 NM (150 lb-pi)
Pression de forage11000 N (2500 lbf)
Vitesse de coupe (mm / min)50-9000
Vitesse de course (mm / min)12000
Composants de base
Mode de coupeOxycombustible / Plasma / Plasma haute définition / Laser
Mode conduiteServo moteur, double face
Piste de guidageGuide-bille droit
Numéro de la torcheSpécifié par le client
Moteur de conduitePanasonic du Japon
Contrôleur NCMicro EDGE pro, Shanghai KP, SJTU-SK
Puissance du plasmaVictoire (Thermadyne), Kjellberg, Hypertherm, JIAXIN LGK
Logiciel de programmationFASTCAM
Boîte de vitessesSEW ou Neugart d'Allemagne
Autre informations
Température de fonctionnement- 10 ° C -45 ° C
Humidité<90%, sans condensation
AlentoursVentilation, sans vibration
Tension d'alimentation3 × 380V ± 10% 50Hz / selon les conditions locales de l'utilisateur
Langue d'opérationMultilingue et anglais disponible
Les options
Marquage à la poudredisponible
Coupe sous l'eaudisponible
Torche biseautéedisponible
Torche coupe-bandedisponible
Système de chauffage et de refroidissementdisponible
Intégration de l'extraction de poussièredisponible
Dispositif de traitement de plaques mincesdisponible
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